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26 October 2020
B2B Sites
Feyza Uzun
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B2B Sites

What are B2B Sites?

B2B (Business to Business ) sites are the platforms where e-commerce activities are carried out between companies, where intermediate goods are brought together with manufacturers or ready-consumption goods with sellers .While a manufacturer can use their goods to deliver goods to another manufacturer or seller, many other companies may carry out the same activity on a single platform.

If we need to mention about the outstanding features and differences in B2B sites;

There are technical information about products and services, photos and videos,related fields for price and logistics information on a standart e-commerce site and the consumer performs activity according to this data. The situation is slightly different for B2B sites. In particular, B2B sites work with the dealership system may not contain price information about the product or service. This situation is put forward by the manufacturer in order to have a pricing option according to the customer.

We have defined B2B sites as sites where intercompany e commerce is managed, the trade volume on these sites may be larger than a normal e commerce site. In this context, it is essential that they have a solid payment infrastructure. As the average price per order increases, it is undesirable for both the buyer and the seller to experience various problems in payment.

B2B sites must have an advanced user panel. A user panel specially designed for the dealer or customer; It allows them create an eco system with a high user experience for both the seller and the buyer with features such as healthy communication, offer sending, pricing and fast sales.

Integrated B2B Website with Trizbi

Trizbi comes with a B2B site integrated with it. Trizbi, which exceeds the basic features for B2B sites, undertakes more manageable processes for both the seller and the buyer with the extra services it offers.

Advanced Product Inspection

Trizbi includes a carefully thought out product inspection module for Bb2b sites. This module allows you to share detailed information when adding new products, increase your marketing power with photos and videos, and determine advanced pricing strategies. Thanks to special authorization options, you decide which dealer or customer can view which products.

Dealership System

The control panel is automatically created by Trizbi for the dealers registered to the system. After that, you can easily customize, give authorization,make price definitions and more. Dealers have options such as adding sub-users whenever they want and arranging their users according to their authorities.
You can send changes made about your products, the products that are decreasing or ending in stock and similar warnings to your desired dealer through the mail and sms service offered by Trizbi.


As with every e-commerce site, ordering is perhaps the biggest goal in B2B sites. Receiving and managing orders is also a process that must be followed by the system administrator. In this context, Trizbi stands out with the convenience it offers you with its advanced order module. From this module, you can manage all the steps related to determining the minimum or maximum quantity based on the product, receiving non-order payments, credit definition and ordering process.

Trizbi B2B Services

Trizbi offers many services besides the basic functions required for B2B sites. With the customer relations module, it is possible to increase your interaction with your customers, organize your offers, keep the information of your customers in an accessible environment at any time and reach your customers with various communication channels with just a few clicks.

In addition to all these features, Trizbi also offers accounting, human resources and integrated ERP solutions for you. For more detailed information about Trizbi advantages and features, please contact us.