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24 May 2021
B2B on Social Media
Feyza Uzun
| Blog
B2B on Social Media


In social media, it is possible to talk about many different strategies that b2b companies should implement in order to acquire new customers. Even though your target audience is companies, since inter-company trade is carried out, the fact that the products you produce are liked and demanded by the consumer is the main reason that will motivate other companies.

Usage Suggestions for B2B Companies on Social Media

Set Goals And Social Media

Determine your expectations and the social media platforms in which you will operate in return for the marketing activities you will carry out through social media. Remember, it will be easier to get the results you want when you set your goal.

Since you do not aim to sell products, unlike B2C companies, you can carry out activities in order to increase the brand awareness of your b2b company on social media, to acquire customers and to provide support.

You can lighten your workload considerably by deciding which social media platforms are more suitable for achieving your goals. For example, you can choose platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, which are used by consumers to indirectly attract the attention of other companies by creating demand for your products, or you can conduct your activities on a platform such as LinkedIn to reach companies that would like to buy your products directly.

Prepare Your Social Media Profile Information In Detail

Whether it is a company or a consumer, reliability will be the most important criterion to have an opinion about or buy a product. In social media, b2b companies should present all the details in their profiles and provide detailed and reliable information about both the brand and the product. By sharing the details of your website in your profile, you can encourage people and companies visiting your profile to visit your website.

Create Your Color And Visual Themes

It is an effective method to create a theme using colors that are identified with your product and brand in social media. While revealing the institutionality of your brand, how professional you are in this business will be seen by the curious eyes that visit your profile.

Create Your Content Plan

The biggest mistake made by b2b companies on social media is undoubtedly random and unplanned posts. Companies aiming for success plan what kind of content from which social media account they will share, on which day and time the content will be shared, and its frequency on a calendar.

It Is Important That You Maintain Continuity

One of the important issues for B2B companies is continuity. Since social media platforms used by millions of people are constantly changing, brands need to keep up with this change. At this point, although it is recommended to share daily, it can be shared over the week as there is not enough content in the hands of the companies. The issue you should pay attention to is that which days you are sharing, you should always choose those days for sharing. Because this cycle will make it easier for you to get more interaction and followers.

Share End User Comments

Although you do not sell to the end user, you can access the comments made by the end user on your products and make these comments a part of your content strategy. You can share these comments in order to both increase brand awareness and demonstrate customer satisfaction.

Go For Video Content

B2B companies often have professional video shoots for their products for promotional purposes. By using these videos, it is possible to produce quality content suitable for your social media accounts. This is a suitable method for both sharing from your own account and for use in advertising activities on social media platforms. Do not forget that the type of sharing that receives the most feedback and interaction on social media platforms today is video.

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