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15 September 2021
Sitemap Creation in B2B
Feyza Uzun
| Blog
Sitemap Creation in B2B


What B2B Companies Need to Know in the Sitemap Creation Process

Sitemap Creation in B2B is the most important step for B2B sites to be indexed and ranked. Sitemaps prepared in XML (Extensible Markup Language) format are interpreted by the search engine algorithm and provide data that should or should not be included in the ranking. Sitemaps, which are one of the most important technical issues in SEO, are not possible to rank for b2b companies unless they are prepared in the appropriate format and sent to the search engine. So how does the sitemap creation process go in B2B and what should be considered? In this article, we will cover both these questions and other information you need.

Why is Sitemap Necessary for B2B Companies?

As in all e-commerce types, b2b is a very active and dynamic sector. B2B companies want every new product added to the system to be included in the ranking instantly, and this is a natural situation. Sitemaps, which direct the robots of search engines and indicate how often they should visit the site, should be prepared in a way that can present the data they need to the search engines. Here's the information a typical sitemap for B2B companies should include:

 1. Page contents,
 2. Update frequency,
 3. Last updated date,
 4. The location of the page (URL),
 5. The link of the page with other pages,

What are the Advantages of Sitemap Creation for B2B Companies?

SEO is a complex process. The right and wrong decisions made and their application are becoming more important day by day. Sitemaps are also developing from the past to the present, and their contents are changing day by day. However, the only thing that hasn't changed is; how important they are. A properly prepared sitemap provides several advantages and can significantly determine the future of B2B sites. So what are the advantages?

 1. Since sitemaps are a tool that facilitates the work of search engines and causes them to get indexes faster, a b2b company that uses sitemaps will have the chance to get a faster index and higher SEO score,
 2. A b2b site with a sitemap can deliver its constantly updated content to search engines faster. In this way, as we mentioned at the beginning, every added product becomes visible in search engines such as Google.
 3. Increases viewing potential,
 4. Allows you to get ahead of your competitors in SEO,
 5. With the increase in organic visitors, it can significantly save on advertising costs.

What are the Stages of Sitemap Creation?

The process of creating a sitemap in B2B can be examined under three main headings. These titles are as follows:

      1.Deciding on the type of sitemap

Search engines allow the loading of various types of sitemaps that their algorithms allow. For this reason, it should be decided which type of sitemap to be prepared as the first step of the sitemap creation process in b2b. Sitemap types include:

  • XML sitemap
  • HTML sitemap
  • mobile sitemap
  • News sitemap
  • Video sitemap
  • Text sitemap

      2. Creating the sitemap

Now that you have decided on the type, the next step is to create the sitemap. You should create the sitemap in the relevant format in accordance with the sitemap type you have chosen. Today, both the software used and the website infrastructures that we call CMS can do this automatically. To make a footnote here, in some cases it is useful to manually edit the sitemap. Inappropriate content may also be included in the sitemap, especially if an unreliable program is used.

     3. Add and submit the sitemap to the file

The final stage of sitemap creation in B2B is undoubtedly the process of uploading it to the search engine. Google, Yandex, Bing and some other search engines allow you to upload them via the administration panel they offer to their users.

In addition to the website service it offers, Trizbi also hosts various modules for seo. The most relevant of these are; It is the process of automatic creation of the sitemap. Thanks to the module meticulously prepared by SEO experts, all products added to your b2b website are automatically added to the sitemap and search engines are provided to detect the update.