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30 July 2021
Campaigns That B2B Companies Can Benefit From
Feyza Uzun
| Blog
Campaigns That B2B Companies Can Benefit From

As competition increases in e-commerce, companies need to develop new strategies and stand out by encouraging potential customers to shop in the light of these strategies. This situation usually develops when b2b companies organize various campaigns and create an element of preference for their potential customers. So, what are the campaigns that B2B companies can benefit from? In this article, let's examine together the most preferred campaign types by b2b companies.

Take X Pay Y Campaign

This type of campaign is frequently used by b2b companies, as in almost all types of commerce. It is mostly applied during certain periods when customers are willing to shop and to consume stocks faster. The customer, who wants to buy the product he needs, is informed that if he buys more of the same product, the payment will be underestimated for a certain number of products. In this way, the customer thinks that it is more profitable to buy more than the product that is already willing to buy, and realizes the activity targeted by b2b companies.

% Discount Campaign on Y Product for Buyers from X Products

Among the campaigns that B2B companies can benefit from, the most frequently used type is the % discount campaigns on y products, if you buy from x products. In this campaign, it is ensured that another product that is complementary to the product to be purchased can be purchased at a discount. This is often preferred for B2B companies, as it also supports cross-selling and therefore increases both basket amounts and earnings. 

Earn Discount Code on Your First Purchase Campaign

It is a type of campaign that is frequently used by b2b companies that are new to the B2B market or have a small number of customers, to gain new customers. Presenting various discount coupons to potential customers who become a member of your site for the first time will affect their decisions positively. And between us, each new customer significantly increases your earnings.😊

Earn Coupon Code by Completing Your Shopping Campaign

As in every type of e-commerce, in b2b e-commerce, you will often encounter interrupted transactions and products left in the basket. This is due to the fact that at some point in the shopping process, the customer interrupts the transaction. B2B companies send reminder messages and notifications to their customers to overcome this frequently encountered negative situation. In addition to these notifications, organizing a coupon code campaign by completing your shopping is one of the campaigns that b2b companies can benefit from. In this way, it will encourage your customer to complete the unfinished transaction.

Benefit from the Free Shipping Opportunity Campaign

In B2B e-commerce, cargo service is generally used to deliver the product to the customer. Although the shipping charges vary between the relevant companies, they mean additional costs for your customers. In order to turn this situation into an opportunity, you can take advantage of the free shipping opportunity in return for your customer to make a certain amount of shopping with the campaigns that take advantage of the free shipping opportunity. With the agreement you will make with the cargo companies, you also have the opportunity to pay the transportation cost at a significantly discounted amount.

Cashier Front Opportunities Campaign

B2B companies can offer their customers various opportunities covering complementary products at the final stage of the purchasing process. In this case, it is aimed that the customer, who is already completing the purchasing activity, has the chance to purchase complementary products at a more affordable price, the cross-selling strategy is realized and the product sales figures increase. For example, campaigns can be organized such that a customer purchasing white goods can purchase the additional warranty period at a more affordable price.

Trizbi, Turkey's first and only b2b e-commerce ERP software, includes modules that offer its users the opportunity to prepare detailed campaigns. The data you will use while developing your campaign strategies is also carefully made available to you by Trizbi, allowing you to stand out in the market with stronger strategies.