Campaign and Price Management

The campaign management you need is very easy with the Campaigns application.

Plan your campaigns effectively. Decide on the products and target audience for your campaigns. Keep track of the orders benefiting from these campaigns.

Discount on Selected Products

Set the discount percentage for your selected products. Specify usage rights by customer. Select the target audience eligible for the campaign.

Discount on Selected Products

Discount coupon

Choose to give percentage or fixed amount discounts by creating single or multiple coupons for the selected products. Restrict the coupons you create to be single-use to prevent misuse.

Discount coupon

Discount on Shopping Limit

Set your target products and specify the discount amount or percentage to apply based on order total or quantity as campaign conditions.

Discount on Shopping Limit
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Configure Your Price Management to Align with Your Company Dynamics

Shape the products you display on your website according to your company's needs. Create special prices and discounts for your dealers or customers.

  • Price Lists

    Utilize price lists tailored to your business partners or establish currency-specific price lists if needed.

  • Different Price Selection for Dealers

    By utilizing price information entered into the product card, enable your dealers to make purchases at different prices specific to each business partner.

  • Discount Management

    Create different types of discounts for your dealers, including general discounts, or specific discounts based on product types, brands, or group categories.

Price Lists
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is it mandatory to define discounts for each dealer?

    No. Dealers without a discount can make purchases at the current price.

  • Can the campaign and discount be applied at the same time?

    Campaign and discount can be applied at the same time.

  • Can I add bulk products to price lists?

    Yes. You can add products in bulk in accordance with the Excel format in the price list.