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30 August 2021
How should the “About Us” Page be Prepared?
Yunus Tıraş
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How should the “About Us” Page be Prepared?

The first page where an e-commerce company can express itself to its customers is undoubtedly the about us page. A user visiting your website for the first time may want to have an idea about your company before they start shopping on your website. At this point, welcoming them with a carefully prepared about us page plays a key role in increasing your sales and number of customers. So how should the about us page be prepared? In this article, we will try to answer this question together.

Tell Your Story

People like brief information about the processes your company has gone through from yesterday to today. Creating your story with cornerstone dates and small events from the establishment of your company to the present creates a sincere and reassuring effect on your customers.

Decide on the Language You Will Use for the About Us Article

The language of expression to be used is of key importance when answering the question of how to prepare the About Us page. The narrative language, which can be decided by the correct analysis of the target audience, can have an adverse effect when used incorrectly. Today, it is possible to see many about us pages that use serious or sincere language according to the sector and company profile. A few key factors can be mentioned here, of course, but the most important is the average age of your target audience. If your target audience consists of young people, you should use a fun language that does not bore them, and if they have an average age of middle and above, you should use a more serious and clear language.

Include Your Team on the About Us Page

Behind the added value produced by your company, you should also include people who work hard to achieve your goals on the about us page. Of course, you may not be able to include all your employees on one page, but people want to see, know and trust the people they shop with. Just as they are greeted by clerks, cashiers and similar employees in physical stores, seeing at least authorized faces in your virtual store has a positive effect.

Add Customer Reviews

In today's e-commerce ecosystem, people also spend time on reviews before purchasing a product on the website. Customer comments are important information written by people who convey their past experiences both for your company and for the products you sell. The fact that the comments are placed in an area where they can be easily seen by new customers and that the customer reads them will change the person's perceptions in a positive way.

Upload In-House Photos or Videos

E-commerce companies are still mysterious to people. Even though issues such as working conditions, physical warehouses and the layout of their offices are not essential in these companies, thanks to the transparency you show, people feel a sense of bonding with your company.

Easily Access Your About Us Page

People shouldn't have to scroll through pages to get information about your company. The about us page should be visible and easily accessible in order to quickly establish an environment of transparency and trust and increase the recognition of your company.

Write Important Developments About Your Company

At the beginning of our article titled How to Prepare an About Us Page, we mentioned that it is important to tell your story. For this reason, while telling your story, you should also convey the dates of the changes and transformations your company has experienced from the beginning to the present, and what has happened.

Keep Page Updated

Companies are entities that change from day to day, like a living organism. For this reason, the information on the about us page you prepared today may lose its validity in the coming period. Your field of activity, vision and mission can take its share from these changes and change. For this reason, it is important that you update your about us page regularly so that you can convey accurate information to customers.


The About Us page is a page that needs to be carefully prepared in terms of SEO, just like all the pages that make up your website. With an about us page prepared by following the correct grammar rules, seo-friendly content rules and other rules, search engines can list your site higher.

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