Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the answers to all your questions about Trizbi.

Suppliers / Purchasing

  • Can I categorize my suppliers?

    You can define as many supplier types as you want without any limitations.

  • Can I get a report on purchased products?

    With Purchase Management, you can access a list of the products you've purchased. You can find unit prices and quantity information for these products and customize the report based on daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly periods.

  • I buy certain products from different suppliers. Do you have a solution to make this easier?

    You can match your suppliers with products by enabling the "Use Supplier-Product Matching" feature.

Advanced Product Management

  • Is there a limit when adding products?

    You can enter products without a quantity limit.

  • Can I export my products via XML?

    Yes. You can export your products as XML according to the fiction you have created.

  • Is there a limit when adding product images?

    No. You can add as many images as you want to your products.
    Additionally, you can specify the images you want to stand out on your website with the parameter structure you create.

Warehouse and Stock Management

  • Can I define separate warehouses for my branches?

    You can manage branch-based warehouses by defining different warehouses for your branches.

  • Can I set the product input and output types myself?

    You can define as many types as you want for your product entry and exit transactions.

  • Can I access the value of the products I have?

    By using the stock value report, you can access the purchasing costs and sales prices for the products you have.

Warranty and Serial Tracking

  • Is it mandatory to use serial tracking for every product?

    No. You can use it on the products you specify by selecting the serial tracking you want to use in the relevant product card.

  • Can I access the serial numbers used?

    You can access the records from the serial numbers menu used in the relevant application.


  • All my products are not under warranty. Is it mandatory to use warranty tracking in all of them?

    No. You can determine the warranty period by ticking Use Warranty Tracking on the product card for which you want to track the warranty.

Order Management

  • Can I list my business partner's orders by product?

    You can make listings based on business partners and products by using the filter in the order list.

  • Can I make changes to order stage definitions?

    You can define order phases as you wish according to your operational processes.

  • Can I get a branch-based order report?

    You can get order reports for your branches from the Branch Statistics menu.

Dealer Management

  • Can I define different dealer types?

    You can define as many dealer types as you want according to your requirements.

  • Can we define special prices for our dealers?

    You can set prices based on dealers or use price lists specific to your dealers.

  • How can we manage dealer discount rates?

    You can define general, product, brand and product/category based discounts for your dealers.

Payment Methods and E-collection

  • Which Banks Do You Have Virtual POS Integration With?

    Virtual POS integration is carried out with all banks that provide infrastructure.

  • Can You Integrate with Payment Institutions?

    If the payment institution provides this opportunity, the integration is carried out.

  • Can We Determine Maturity Difference Rates Ourselves?

    You can have it come automatically through the integration, or you can define it yourself if you wish.

Shipment and Return Orders

  • Can I diversify the return reasons?

    You can define as many return reasons as you want from the return reasons menu.

  • Can I see my product-based return orders?

    You can access your product-based return order list without filtering.

  • Can I define stages for my return orders?

    You can define phases by using the phase feature.

Campaign and Price Management

  • Is it mandatory to define discounts for each dealer?

    No. Dealers without a discount can make purchases at the current price.

  • Can the campaign and discount be applied at the same time?

    Campaign and discount can be applied at the same time.

  • Can I add bulk products to price lists?

    Yes. You can add products in bulk in accordance with the Excel format in the price list.

B2B Dealer Portal

  • Can anyone become a member of our site?

    Direct membership registration is not required. You create membership records yourself by collecting dealer application forms.

  • Can we create more than one user for a company?

    Yes. You can create separate membership records for company personnel.

  • Can we track users who log in to the system?

    Yes. You can access which dealer logged in and when via the web members application.

Content Production and Management

  • Can I manage the content of my multiple websites?

    You can utilize content from multiple websites within the content application, using different layouts.

  • Can I archive my content without publishing it anywhere?

    You can archive your content within the intranet.

  • Can comments be made on the content?

    You can turn comments on or off for any content you want.

Customer-Specific Mobile Application

  • Does my mobile application require internet connection?

    Since Trizbi is a web-based application, an internet connection is required.

  • Does my mobile application work on all platforms?

    It works smoothly on all iOS and Android based mobile phones and tablets.

  • Are the website features and mobile application features the same?

    You can also use all the features on your website in the mobile application.

Website Template

  • Can I have a different designed website?

    We can create a custom website for you.

  • Will my website work smoothly on other platforms such as phones and tablets?

    Your website is designed to work smoothly on all platforms.

  • Can we make changes such as logo and color on the website ourselves?

    You can modify your logo using the web workshop application and, if you have CSS expertise, you can also make minor design adjustments yourself.

SEO and Modern Web Solution

  • Can SEO work be done specifically for each page?

    SEO work can be carried out on categories, brands, products, and content management-added pages. For these pages, you can add specific titles, keywords, and descriptions to enhance their SEO.

  • Is Trizbi suitable for SEO infrastructure?

    Websites that created by Trizbi, are 100% SEO-compatible. This means they are optimized to perform well in search engine rankings, helping them appear higher in search engine results.

  • Can I make a 301 redirect?

    Trizbi allows you to efficiently manage 301 redirects through its panel.

Accounting Management

  • Can I create an invoice in foreign currency?

    Trizbi allows you to create invoices in various currencies, including Turkish Lira, US Dollar, Euro, and British Pound.

  • Is there e-Invoice integration?

    Trizbi's infrastructure supports e-invoice integration.

  • Can I print invoices with Trizbi?

    You can print your invoice after configuring the settings in Trizbi to match your desired invoice format.

Customer Relations (CRM)

  • Can I add activities to clients?

    You can create call and visitation records for your customers and easily list them in Trizbi's CRM system. This enables you to keep track of your interactions and communications with clients, helping you provide better customer service and manage your sales processes more effectively.

  • Can I prepare an offer?

    You can prepare quick and easy offers by saving templates that are tailored to your company's specific needs. This allows you to streamline your proposal creation process, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

  • Can I reuse my bulk SMS and bulk mailing lists?

    You can use your lists at all times, without any limitations.

Human Resources

  • Can I prepare an organizational chart for my team?

    With Trizbi you can prepare an in-house organization chart and define tasks.

  • What are the features of the intranet application?

    With the Intranet application, you can customize widgets such as hiring and firing of employees, promotions and birthdays. Additionally, you can use many other features such as road and weather conditions, articles, news and exchange rates.

  • What work can I do with personnel management software?

    You can keep records of company employee information including training, expenses, performance, personal files, and leave using the Personnel Management Software.


  • What are the features of integration applications?

    Integration with bank accounts, shipping and logistics, accounting and ERP, bank POS systems, online marketplaces, cloud services, email services, SMS services, and call center services are among the core features.

  • Can I add timers to integration applications?

    You can add a custom timer to all integrations and specify a date and time range.

  • Can we see the transaction history of integration transactions?

    You can access transaction time, transaction duration and transaction status information in the application.