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Frequently Asked Questions

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When my dealers become members, does it create a management panel ?

Yes. An automatic management panel is created for your dealers.

I don't want to show my dealers every page and product. Can I authorize?

Yes. You can authorize your dealers one by one and choose the pages or products you want to see.

Can my dealers authorize their employees?

Yes. Your dealers can authorize their staff according to their work unit. They can only access the information of there own unit.

I do not want to sell to all my dealers with the same price list. Can I use different price lists?

Yes. You can apply your different price lists to different dealers.

Can I inform my dealers about the products in stock?

Yes. You can send sms or e-mail to your dealers for items that are in stock, stock decreased , and have decreased prices.

Can I have my products transferred to my dealers via XML to their websites?

Yes. You can display your products on the websites of your dealers with XML integration.

Can I determine the minimum and maximum order quantity?

Yes. You can determine the minimum and maximum order quantity for each dealer separately.

Can I define a credit limit?

Yes. You can define a special credit limit for each dealer.


Can i get paid for my dealers past debts without order ?

Yes. You can get paid without order. The payments made are reflected in the current accounts of both you and your dealer.

Can I send bulk sms, e-mails?

Yes. You can send bulk sms and e-mail to your dealer groups.

Can I reuse bulk mails and bulk sms lists?

Yes, it is enough to prepare the mass mail or bulk sms lists once. Because it is a dynamic list, you can use it over and over again with new records.

Can I create a future calendar for the meetings I will have with my dealers or dealer candidates?

Yes. With the Meetings application, you can create future meeting recordings.

How can I save my dealers information to the program?

You can add it to the program with CRM application.

Is there an e-invoice integration?

Yes. B2B infrastructure provides you with e-invoice integration support.

Can I print an invoice?

Yes, after determining the format of your invoice, you can print as many invoices as you want.

Can i order a repeat for the invoices you make every month?

Yes. You may repeat order for invoices issued regularly.

Can I create invoices in currencies other than TL?

Yes. You can create invoices in Turkish Lira, US Dollar, Euro and British Pound currencies.

What are the works I can do with personnel management?

You can keep a lot of information of company employees such as personnel, leave, training, salary, announcement, attendance control, inventory, organization chart under personnel management.

Can I add inventory to my employees?

Yes. You can create inventories of your employees.

What can I do with the Intranet application?

With the Intranet application, you can use many features such as weather, road conditions, exchange rates, news, articles. You can also customize widgets such as employee joining, leaving, promotion, birthday.

Can my dealers set a delivery date?

Yes. It can determine the delivery date of your dealers with the options of future or up to the selected date.

Can I create custom pages for my dealers?

You can create informative pages or sections specific to your dealers.

Can I make changes to my product categories?

Yes. You can update and delete any content you want.

Can I see the caller's information on the system?

Yes. The caller's information is automatically saved in the database. If you wish, you can start a new search.

Can I see the call history of the call center team?

Yes. You can access a lot of information such as the calls made with the call center team, the time and date, and who they talked to.

Do i need internet for mobile application?

Yes. Since it is a web-based application, an internet connection is required.

Does My Mobile Application Work On All Platforms

Yes. It works smoothly on all mobile phones and tablets based on IOS and Android.

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