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15 June 2021
Instagram in B2B
Yunus Tıraş
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Instagram in B2B

The Place of Instagram in B2B Marketing

Instagram, where photos and videos were shared by users without a specific purpose in the past, continues its development with many innovations that allow brands to promote and acquire customers in the process. You may think that companies dealing with B2B generally prefer the LinkedIn platform, but Instagram is one of the best digital tools for brand promotion, development and growth. Often the most heard comment is “our audience is not there”. But unless your target market is extremely narrow, your audience is on Instagram. The decision makers you sell to are probably using Instagram, and most b2b companies ignore this fact and miss out on a great opportunity.

Companies that give importance to the use of Instagram in B2B should not forget that every new individual can mean a new business partnership, even though they seem to target people. The table that emerges with the statistics is that the number of visitors and followers of B2B companies is increasing day by day.

What Strategy Should B2B Marketers Apply on Instagram?

Companies that want to present effective solutions in the use of Instagram in B2b should adopt unconventional strategies and abandon traditional methods. Since our age is the age of consumption, it is an undeniable reality that there is a parallelism between the quality of the content to be viewed by the user and the success of instagram strategies in b2b. Similar to the use of Instagram by standard e-commerce sites, content enriched with quality images or videos should be used in Instagram profiles in b2b, where accurate information about products is presented.

While using Instagram effectively in B2B, do not suddenly expect a high-level audience. In a very crowded environment, people will gradually notice you. For this reason, be patient and do not give up on the quality of your posts, the continuity of your sharing cycle with a certain standard, and finally, plenty of interaction.

Creating an Instagram profile with quality content and detailed information is one of the keys to success in using Instagram in b2b. Companies have a long decision-making process on a product, so make sure your Instagram profile is prepared to guide them to the right decision.

Two Benefits of Instagram for B2B Brands

It is possible to divide the added value that the use of Instagram will provide to your company in B2b into two categories. These categories are:

1. Build Trust with Your Audience

Instagram algorithms are built on encouraging engagement. The biggest benefit of this is to create a sense of trust on your potential audience through interaction. Instagram also allows you to share snapshots of everyday, everyday life at your company, adding a personal touch to your overall image and promoting transparency.

Build trust by sending potential customers a message to thank them for liking your photo. People will not ignore you taking the time to message them and they will be motivated to come back.

2. Increase in Traffic to Your Site

You can also use Instagram, which is visited by an average of one billion people monthly, to drive traffic to your site. In B2b, there is nothing natural about the use of Instagram for the purpose of acquiring new audiences. In this context, no matter which country you are serving, it is quite easy to start getting traffic from that country.

B2B Instagram Profile Creation

When creating an Instagram profile in B2b, it is useful to create an Instagram for Business profile. In this way, you have the chance to use Instagram's different additional features specific to businesses and detailed statistical data. Before we forget, don't forget to add your web address to your Instagram profile.

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