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17 May 2021
B2B LinkedIn Strategy
Feyza Uzun
| Blog
B2B LinkedIn Strategy

Today, when we think of social media platforms, we think of websites where people meet each other, express their opinions about a subject or find old acquaintances, and we are right. One of the social media platforms, on the other hand, has a more limited audience but great power, serving a completely different purpose and bringing business life together. Yes, we are talking about LinkedIn. When our subject is the b2b linkedin strategy, it is necessary to know what we should pay attention to in this platform that brings the business world together.

Although LinkedIn has a limited number of users such as 300 million, it is known as a statistical data that companies that appear here buy a product or service 50% more easily than others. In other words, companies that use the LinkedIn platform effectively use this platform to either recruit qualified personnel or find new products and services to add to their catalogs, and they are considered quite successful in this.

Tips for Developing a LinkedIn Strategy

If you are dealing with b2b e-commerce and want to develop a successful strategy on the LinkedIn platform, we have tried to list the main issues you should pay attention to below. When developing a B2B LinkedIn strategy, you can base this list and try to develop it with your own touches. Pay attention to the content you offer to your customers: the content must engage your target audience, and remember that content is the key to your online business strategy.

Organic Content

Publishing organic content is much more popular on the LinkedIn platform than other types. The more participation you publish, the more you lay the foundations for creating your b2b linkedin strategy.

The Needs And Wishes of Your Target Audience

Consider your audience's wants and needs when planning a B2B LinkedIn strategy. We recommend that you develop an approach that gives priority to members when publishing content.

Socialize Your Campaigns

Make sure to announce the campaigns you make on your B2B e-commerce platform on your social media accounts. Thanks to the campaigns, you can attract the attention of companies operating on the LinkedIn platform and get rewarded for the time you spend on social media.

Your Way of Using LinkedIn

When targeting specific audiences through your personal and business accounts, try to use LinkedIn the same way you use Facebook and Twitter.

New Sharing Channels

The success of your B2B LinkedIn strategy depends on how many profiles your content is visible to you. For this reason, try to share what you share from your company's account from your personal accounts. In this way, you add one more link to the end of the chain and have the chance to be viewed by more people.


Relevance is the foundation of your B2B LinkedIn strategy. Make sure the content is always relevant to your audience because relevance defines whether or not the audience will engage with you on an ongoing basis. Change the post frequency if necessary. While there isn't a perfect number of posts for everyone, the average post frequency on LinkedIn is 5 posts per week for organic content. But always remember that it's the quality and relevance of your content, not the quantity, that defines your success. LinkedIn's algorithm doesn't rank content the same as Facebook, and only your group members, connections, and followers will see your post, but whether it gains engagement depends on the quality of the content.

If you do not have any b2b e-commerce software, you may find it difficult to allocate time or extra resources to b2b LinkedIn strategies. With Trizbi b2b e-commerce software, which is the first example of its kind in Turkey, you can easily access all the modules and services you will need while managing your b2b platform. In this way, you will have to devote more time and less resources to developing and implementing your b2b LinkedIn strategy.