About Us

The internet, a marvel of technological progress, has transcended mere connectivity, creating a universal platform for sharing information, collaboration, and trade. Since the 1980s, company structures, viewed as open systems, have been undergoing rapid changes in various social, economic, cultural, and structural dimensions, driven by advancements in computer and communication technologies. Companies are evolving, and what's intriguing is that the pace of change is accelerating day by day.

This transformation in information, technology, and communication exposes companies to unprecedented levels of competition. The victors in this landscape are those with strong competitive reflexes, those capable of promptly responding to market demands. This is precisely what TITARUS does.

We craft information and communication architectures and construct infrastructure tailored to the evolving competitive and market conditions of companies. In essence, we develop software. TITARUS, with a portfolio exceeding 300 projects, encompassing corporate websites, B2B and B2C e-commerce applications, customer relationship management (CRM), café-restaurant automation solutions, and SMS and mailing solutions, operates on the principle of unwavering customer satisfaction and provides continued support after product delivery.