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15 November 2021
Selling Abroad with B2B
Feyza Uzun
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Selling Abroad with B2B


Selling abroad with B2B is a factor that increases sales figures and profitability for almost all e-commerce companies. Compared to the domestic market, it is also possible to offer the products to the buyers at much better prices due to the exchange rate difference. Benefiting from this profitable sales type has various differences according to the general domestic rules. E.g; translation of the sales site into the language spoken in the target market, management of the sales process and of course cargo and logistics, which is one of the most important processes. Today, we will talk about cargo and logistics problems in order to sell abroad with b2b, which is the most important and last leg of the ring.

Search for Cargo Companies That Ship Abroad

There are many cargo companies serving in our country. Especially in big cities, you can even come across services that can deliver the product to the buyer within days or even hours. When you sell a product to the overseas market, it may take days and sometimes weeks for this product to reach the buyer. For this reason, you need to find a cargo company that offers fast and economical solutions that also serve in the target market. If you start working with a company that you have no idea about its services and pricing at the beginning; The probability of a negative movement in your overseas sales is quite high due to a serious decrease in the profitability rate we mentioned at the beginning and the negative effects that may occur.

Find Out International Shipping Prices

Shipping fees are one of the most important expenses you need to take into account when selling abroad with b2b. In general, cargo companies act according to the flow rate, weight and whether the product to be transported is commercial or individual when determining the transportation fee of a product. Although there is not a big difference in your domestic shipments, there may be changes in the location of the destination address in addition to this calculation in international shipments. For example, factors such as the distance to countries such as the USA and Australia, the transportation facilities in the destination country and the partnerships of the cargo company there, if any, also play an active role in the calculation. Therefore, in accordance with your target market, it is necessary to identify companies that ship to that country and request pricing according to your products.

Make an Agreement With Cargo Companies

 In order to sell abroad with B2B, you should make an agreement with the most suitable cargo companies for you. Cargo companies can offer companies terms of agreement, including various conveniences. It is a very costly business to send cargo abroad with a cargo company that you do not have an agreement with. Here are the things you should consider when deciding on the company you will make an agreement with:

  1- Identification and thorough investigation of the companies that you will make an agreement with,
  2- Negotiating with the determined cargo companies and requesting a price offer,
  3- Obtaining detailed information about the working conditions of the relevant companies,
  4- Learning the company's transportation type, delivery methods and times to your target market country.

By planning these four steps correctly and making an agreement with a company accordingly, it helps companies that are about to sell abroad with b2b to agree with the right cargo company.

Leverage Shipping Labels on Your Website

Every individual or company wants to know how long it will take for the product they buy to reach them. B2B companies should also take advantage of shipping labels on their product pages to meet this demand. Shipping labels of the product; It allows the buyer to transparently present information such as the delivery time, price and which company to agree with.

Integrate Cargo

Almost all of the cargo companies offer various services for their e-commerce customers. Perhaps the most functional of these is the API service, which allows the rapid flow of information between the courier company and the b2b company. By integrating your web software with a cargo company that offers API services, you can better manage the process in the field of cargo and logistics.

Trizbi offers an infrastructure that can seamlessly integrate with the cargo companies you have an agreement with, both in your domestic and international sales. If you want to take both user experience and management processes to the next level, you can always contact us to meet Trizbi.