B2B Dealer Portal

Reduce Your Costs and Save Time Thanks to the B2B Dealer Portal

Transition from traditional in-person sales methods to the online platform. Share dedicated user accounts with your dealers, enabling them to place orders and make payments directly through the dealer portal.

Get Your Dealer Applications Online from Your Website

Take control of your dealer application processes by following the steps

Dealer Application Form

Dealer Application Form

Easily create your dealer application form.

Evaluate the Applications

Evaluate the Applications

Manage and evaluate incoming applications.

Share Login Information

Share Login Information

Easily share login information via e-mail or SMS.

Order Tracking

Allow your dealers to track the progress of their orders on the website and access details of their past orders.

Order Tracking

Current Breakdown

Enable your dealers to access their current account statements, invoices and online payment receipts via the website.

Current Breakdown

Credit Card Payments

Enable your dealers to make credit card payments without making any purchases.

Credit Card Payments
Discover Ready made All-in-One Solution for Your Company.

Advanced Website Features

Expand your trade volume by enabling your dealers to benefit from advanced website features.

  • Notifications

    Easily make dealer announcements like product announcements, price changes, shipping processes through notifications.

  • Product Search

    Allow your dealers to conveniently find your products using search and filtering options.

  • Support Management

    Enhance process efficiency and control by enabling your dealers to create support records for returns, exchanges, installations, and various issues.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can anyone become a member of our site?

    Direct membership registration is not required. You create membership records yourself by collecting dealer application forms.

  • Can we create more than one user for a company?

    Yes. You can create separate membership records for company personnel.

  • Can we track users who log in to the system?

    Yes. You can access which dealer logged in and when via the web members application.