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09 April 2021
B2B Sales for Manufacturers and Suppliers
Yunus Tıraş
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B2B Sales for Manufacturers and Suppliers

Reasons for B2B Sales for Manufacturers and Suppliers

Due to technological developments and the realities of the period we live in, we are witnessing that economic mobility is becoming digital with each passing day. The B2B e-commerce sector is also among those who have had its share of this digitalization. According to researches, e-commerce volume has grown by 66% in our country in 2020, exceeding the 200 billion TL limit. As such, it has become inevitable for new investments to be made in the sector, the reflection of technological innovations, and those who develop stronger marketing strategies to step forward. Of course, besides all these, there are some small factors that we can call a tip, so to speak, in addition to all these for B2B sales. In this article, we will try to compile suggestions that we can offer to manufacturers and suppliers for B2B sales.

1. Customer Focused and Personalized Selling

The "Customer Focused" approach, which we are used to hear in the service sectors in the past years, has started to appear in the e-commerce sector with the development of technology. This approach is an approach that promises a personalized shopping experience and therefore excludes a standard approach to the entire audience. By analyzing individuals one by one, it is possible to develop a wide variety of strategies, such as displaying suitable products, discounts based on past orders, and personalized campaigns.
Thanks to the special capabilities offered to us by today's technology, it is possible to direct customers to campaigns by sending customized e-mails in accordance with their personal analysis and to separate suppliers according to their participation in campaigns.

2. Cross Platform and Device Support

For B2B sales, you need to regularly analyze the data obtained. One of these analyzes is the devices and technologies that your customers use in order and sales transactions. A b2b platform with a high level of accessibility will provide you with ease of access to more customers. For example, many technologies can be used, such as a website that looks flawless on all mobile devices, providing ease of access via barcode or QR reader instead of complex address entries. Every person or institution that can access your website or application is a potential order candidate ...

3.Data Analysis

Perhaps the most obvious mistake made by companies dealing with B2b sales is that they do not pay attention to feedback. The golden rule of trade is to analyze the audience that chooses you correctly and to control their pulse regardless of the platform. The mechanisms where the products and their sellers can be voted on by the customers, the product is reviewed and interpreted, and customer satisfaction can be collected through feedback are very valuable to you. Fortunately, within the services offered by Trizbi, there are modules where you can easily collect all these feedbacks. By analyzing the data you collect, you will be able to develop corrections, improvements or strategies for product, supplier and customer experience issues.

4. Trust

Undoubtedly, the most effective way to create customer loyalty is to create a sense of trust. You should contact a customer you sell B2B through your representatives over time. You can also encourage the regular sales of your products, thanks to the loyalty programs you will put forward during these contacts. It is equally important to be attentive in choosing your representatives to the field and to ensure that they act in accordance with the approach strategies of your company.

We tried to convey our suggestions to manufacturers and suppliers for B2B sales. Before implementing all these suggestions, all the infrastructure you will need is offered by Trizbi. B2B module that meets all the needs of companies that want to make sales and services incorporating, world's first and only B2B E-Commerce ERP Software Trizb with you just finding the opportunity to concentrate your sales and your analysis will take care of Trizb the majority of the remaining business ...

You can contact us to get detailed information and to easily manage Trizbi and b2b sales processes.