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19 April 2021
Why B2B Software Solutions?
Yunus Tıraş
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Why B2B Software Solutions?

Why B2B Software Solutions?

If you want to establish a platform that conducts e-commerce between companies and sell your products through this platform or bring together companies that want to do business in this e-commerce model, B2B software solutions may be what you are looking for.

B2B software solutions offer you the platform you need in this field, the payment and logistics infrastructure and powerful communication channels. In this article, which will allow you to have an idea about b2b solutions in general terms, we will be sharing the general features of b2b solutions with you.

What are the Facilities Offered by B2B Software Solutions?

The most important feature that distinguishes B2B e-commerce from others is that they are platforms where inter-company trade is carried out and relatively high-volume shopping takes place. For this reason, it is inevitable that they have an effective user management. With personal authorization and restrictions, b2b solutions provide you with high control mechanisms over your members.

B2b solutions allow the establishment of an uninterrupted, time and location-independent communication network between the buyer and seller company. Do not forget that communication is one of the most important parts of the sales process. Thanks to the contact information that dealers and representatives can access through the system, it is ensured that the communication preparation process is concluded quickly.

You may be more error-prone than companies that don't include technology. Do not forget that automation systems are so developed today that they can work for many years with zero errors.

For companies not benefiting from B2B software solutions, order management can be painful in some cases. Recording the requested order manually with all its details can also bring human-based errors. There is no room for such errors in orders created by the buyer through the system.

Are you one of those who keep contracts between companies, invoices, contracts and similar documents in the filing cabinet? Thanks to technology, you can have the chance to use your office more efficiently by digitizing all these documents, and you can experience the comfort of reaching the documents you need in a few seconds.

It is also possible to find services offered by b2b solutions in the management of financial transactions. Thanks to a properly planned platform, you can follow the financial movements of both your company and other companies doing business on the platform, receive statement statements and even receive online payments thanks to the virtual pos integration. You can collect your due debts from your dealers by making various reminders for the debts that are due in the current records.

Imagine an environment where you don't get help from technology to keep hundreds of products under control, to update their contents, to control stocks and to offer catalogs and prospectuses for products to your dealers. We guess you are tired even when reading the sentence. B2B software solutions save you from all this burden with advanced product management modules.

Trading on the B2b platform continues uninterrupted 24 hours a day. For this reason, users should be provided with an environment where they can freely review products at any time of the day, access the products they request through the catalog and pricing customized for them, and make orders by paying. B2B software solutions also offer the infrastructure that you can provide uninterrupted service to.

Every order placed through the system is displayed in real time, various alerts can be developed and solutions can be provided for the steps to be followed after the order is placed. For example, if it is a cargo company that will be used to deliver the orders to the recipient, the system can work in integration with this cargo company, allowing you to offer cargo tracking service.

Trizbi, Turkey's first and only b2b e-commerce erp software, is one of Turkey's leading systems in b2b solutions. It is a complete solution that combines all modules, infrastructure and services that companies dealing with B2B e-commerce will need under a single roof. In this context, if you are doing research on b2b solutions, we invite you to examine Trizbi and contact us to take advantage of its advantages.