Serkan ZORA - Bilgi İşlem & Kurumsal İletişim Müdürü
Serkan ZORA
Bilgi İşlem & Kurumsal İletişim Müdürü
Ümraniye / İSTANBUL

My name is Serkan Zora, and I have been working as the Information Technology and Corporate Communications Manager at Sincanlı Traktör for over 15 years. In our department, we manage all IT and software processes, including business analysis, projects, support, and development, with our team.

Our company was founded in 1970 in Istanbul's Taksim district by our founder Hüseyin Şeyda Sincanlı. It was initially established for wholesale sales of Ford tractor spare parts.

We operate in the automotive sector and primarily engage in wholesale trade of aftermarket spare parts for tractors. We serve customers both in Turkey and around the world.

We first became acquainted with Trizbi in the last quarter of 2020 when we were researching B2B solutions to meet our product needs.

The main reason for choosing Trizbi was the company's background in ERP usage and their expertise in ERP and CRM. Trizbi offered a comprehensive solution that aligned well with our business needs.

Within the Trizbi platform, we primarily use the B2B application for digital sales, which integrates seamlessly with our ERP system.

We have integrated Trizbi with payment infrastructure providers such as Paynet, as well as our in-house ERP systems CPM and Netsis.

Since implementing Trizbi, we have observed increased sales and significant improvements in order processing efficiency. Online integrations have allowed us to handle higher transaction volumes with fewer human resources.

Our company has seen positive developments following the implementation of Trizbi. We have received positive feedback from customers due to the ease of working with our B2B platform. Additionally, we have overcome infrastructure-related issues that we previously encountered with other B2B companies. Customer satisfaction has increased as our customers can now easily manage their accounts, place orders, and have their questions promptly addressed through a robust payment infrastructure and online integrations.

Potential customers should consider Trizbi because of the platform's strong background in ERP systems and their corporate expertise in providing solutions that align with their business needs.

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