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20 November 2020
What is Dealer Management?
Yunus Tıraş
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What is Dealer Management?

What is Dealer Management?

Producer companies can generally prefer local craftsmen, franchise contracted companies, wholesalers and other sales methods in delivering their products to the end consumer. As the production amount of the firm increases, it is inevitable to increase its sales channels. For this reason, it is vital for companies to create an institutional framework in the self-created eco system and to ensure that the processes are managed in the most efficient way. Dealer management, within this corporate structure, records and manages all sales channels within a certain order of shopping, payments, orders and communication data. In the period when technological development did not allow, all these processes were intense and laborious processes managed by human factors, today we can get the support of machines at every possible step of the process thanks to the services provided by technology.

How Does the Dealership System Work?

The dealership system provides a continuous communication between the company and the dealer. Dealers who log in to the system with their own username and password can order, make payments, get information about the status of their orders, view reports such as transaction history and communicate with you. As a result of transactions such as new orders and payments made by the dealers, the manager is informed through the warnings and reminders displayed on the system and the process is aimed to be completed quickly. Unlike manager dealers, it works with a much more advanced interface. It can manage all processes from a single screen with many modules such as dealer management, product management, order management, accounting and customer relations.

What are the Features that Should Be in the Dealer Management Software?

1- The dealer management software should have an interface powered by advanced modules. An easy-to-understand and easy-to-use interface provides a faster and healthier process management for both you and your dealers. Trizbi b2b e-commerce software allows you to offer a special management panel for each dealer with its advanced dealer management modules. Thanks to the access information defined for each dealer, transactions can be carried out smoothly.

2- The dealer management system should be accessible from every platform and should be easily viewed on all devices as well as cross-platform support. With its cross-platform support, Trizbi can be viewed on all devices without any problem. With the IOS and Android application offered, you can access the system from your mobile phone and manage your business from anywhere.

3- Dealer management software should ensure the security of the company and the dealers. The capture of personal data and sensitive data such as payment information by third parties can bring many legal problems. Trizbi offers powerful security layers and algorithms. Thanks to the SSL-powered website and application, it is impossible for data to be intercepted by third parties.

4- You must be able to grant special powers to your dealers. With a high product range, it will be a great convenience for you to organize product groups and pages that dealers can access. With Trizbi b2b e-commerce software, you can classify all your dealers according to various authorizations. In a system where you can decide which dealer can reach which page or not, ease of use is provided for your dealer and your company.

5- The dealer management software should be able to meet all your needs. There are many processes that companies have to carry out due to the legal and social responsibilities they assume, and departments that manage these processes. You should be able to get support from the dealer management software you purchased in the management of departments such as accounting, customer relations and human resources. The Trizbi b2b e-commerce solution comes with various modules with which you can manage the accounting, customer relations and human resources department. You can manage all your work from a single screen, smoothly and quickly, thanks to modules that communicate with each other in real time.