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03 December 2020
B2B E Commerce
Barış Dur
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B2B E Commerce

What is B2B E commerce?

Today, if there is another e-commerce model that is as popular as b2c e-commerce for the consumer, it is the b2b e-commerce model. In this e-commerce model, whose English name is business to business (company to company), sales are not made to the final consumer, but sales are made between producers and sales channels. This e-commerce model, which is widely used in our country, also allows the ongoing trade between companies to be carried out more practically, quickly and smoothly.

What Are The Requirements To Set Up a B2B E Commerce Site?

Perhaps the most fundamental thing you need is the time and effort you will spend for this new job you want to establish. As in every line of business, you have to spend a lot of this pair for b2b e-commerce. You should crawl, walk and run, respectively, with the correct planning before the installation, the installation phase and the post-promotion process.

Where Should Those Who Want to Build an Online Sales Site Start?

You should start by buying a domain name suitable for your product and brand. The right name for B2B e-commerce is very important for brand recognition. However, you should do a thorough research on e-commerce software, which is the backbone of the business, and choose a b2b e-commerce software that can significantly reduce the responsibilities of the management with its services. When you acquire these two, you will actually have the infrastructure required for online sales. Afterwards, the entry of products into the system, taking the necessary precautions for the healthy execution of supply and logistics operations and sales ... It is useful to make a short warning. If you are going to trade in the digital world, you need to take care of the security of your sales and payment infrastructure. An unsafe infrastructure can result in loss of customers and money, while at the same time leaving you with unpleasant legal problems.

What Do You Need to Know to Sell Abroad?

You should determine your target market with analysis and shape your organization accordingly. It will also be useful to research competitors in the current country, learn about the consumers' approach to equivalent products, and various analyzes regarding the price situation and the future of the market. While some countries do not accept some products due to legal regulations, some countries may have various incentives for that product. You should also plan issues such as payment and logistics correctly, and analyze correctly which logistics company you will use when shipping to that country. Nowadays, as payment systems have developed considerably, you can easily receive payments via your b2b e-commerce site with a credit card.

How to Sell Stockless Online E commerce?

Under normal circumstances, when it comes to e-commerce, a process is expected to store the products sold in the seller's warehouse and to send the sold product from the warehouse to the buyer. Today, e-commerce has evolved in a different direction. So much so that e-commerce companies now keep their products in the manufacturer's warehouse instead of keeping them in their warehouses. To explain the process briefly; When the product offered for sale on the e-commerce site is sold, the information of the buyer is notified to the manufacturer and the product is sent. The e-commerce company only deposits the price of the product into the manufacturer's account. In this way, costs such as capital and storage costs are avoided. However, there may be downsides that may be experienced. Problems such as the fact that a product you sell is not instantly included in the stocks of the manufacturer, problems with production, the manufacturer's failure to ship the product on time and logistics problems may be encountered.

With the Trizbi b2b e-commerce solution, a structure that meets all the needs of companies that want to do b2b e-commerce is offered. As it can be used as a complete solution with the services it contains, it also offers a structure that even people who do not know this business can easily adapt and sell in the b2b e-commerce model.