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18 February 2021
What is B2B? Why Should We Do B2B?
Yunus Tıraş
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What is B2B? Why Should We Do B2B?

What is B2B?

B2B literally is the abbreviation of the term business to business, which means business between companies in English. B2B e-commerce sites, which basically act as a bridge between the manufacturer and the seller, are the eco systems where the dealers, distributors and similar sales channels that sell the products and services to the end users purchase goods and services from the producers. Unlike a typical e-commerce site, the b2b e-commerce system offers much more detailed and customizable services to the seller.

How is B2B done?

To be able to do B2B e-commerce, you first need a website. It makes no difference whether you are entering b2b e-commerce as a manufacturer or just an intermediary. It is essential that you are a taxpayer, the products you will sell are determined, you have a b2b infrastructure with a payment infrastructure and an order tracking system, and of course, the necessary preparation is made for both the supply and the post-sale delivery of the products you sell. Today, there are softwares that provide infrastructure services for b2b e-commerce. The foremost of these is of course Trizbi b2b e-commerce erp software. We strongly recommend that you do not decide without examining Trizbi, which offers you all the infrastructure and ancillary services you need for B2B e-commerce in a single package.

Why Should We Do B2B?

For companies working with a B2B business model, it is very important that sales channels are open 24 hours a day. Under normal circumstances, companies stop their activities completely or mostly, outside of the working hours they have determined within themselves. There is no such limitation for companies that buy / sell through the B2b e-commerce site. Products can be sold at any time of the day, payment can be accepted and an environment where trade never stops can be provided. This is at the top of the advantages offered by B2B.

When you examine the websites that work in the B2B model, you immediately notice that the companies are expanding their sales globally. Today, the products of a country like China, which is a world leader in production, are sold more easily to the whole world thanks to a website that works in B2B model like Alibaba.

B2B Software

If you have a company that works with the B2B e-commerce model, you need a software that manages the processes within a certain standard and handles many transactions for you. B2B software, on the other hand, is software designed to work in the b2b e-commerce model, with the tools that meet exactly this need. Without B2B software, it is almost impossible to manage an eco system where e-commerce continues around the clock. Do not forget that besides tracking products, orders and payments, communication between vendors and vendors can be integrated into this system and all processes can be analyzed and reported in detail by the software.

B2B E-commerce

Due to the development of technology, the desire of people to stay in their comfort zones, and the epidemic we are experiencing these days, e-commerce continues to develop at a faster rate than ever before. In addition to the usual e-commerce model between producers / consumers, e-commerce models are also developing between producers / sellers. B2B e-commerce is also an ongoing e-commerce model among companies, and more and more companies have started to develop business in the b2b model.

B2B e-commerce model can be designed so that the manufacturer can sell its own products to its dealers and distributors, or it can be designed to bring manufacturers and distributors together on a platform. Regardless of which business model you adopt, you can easily manage your b2b e-commerce business and processes with Trizbi. For this reason, you can find detailed information about Trizbi's advantageous services on our website or by asking our customer service at the bottom right corner.