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24 December 2020
E-commerce B2B Systems
Barış Dur
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E-commerce B2B Systems

What are E-commerce B2B Systems?

E-commerce b2b systems are eco-systems that contain various structures that enable businesses working in the inter-firm e-commerce model to manage the entire process. In e-commerce b2b systems, the target market is not the end consumer but the intermediate consumer. No sales are made to the final consumer.

Which Modules and Services Should E-Commerce B2B Systems Have?

The modules that should be included in b2b systems, which are similar to standard e-commerce systems, are basically the same as an e-commerce site. However, since the target customer group is other companies, product descriptions, payment channels and tracking systems should contain more detailed and rich technical information and provide more advanced features.

E-commerce B2B Systems Requirements for Success

As with all business models, there is no absolute guarantee of success in e-commerce and b2b business model. While it is possible to find examples that fail by making very large investments, we can also see examples that achieve rapid growth with small investments. At this point, the advice we can give you can be the output of generally accepted trading strategies.


If you do not have national or international recognition, you can seriously consider advertising. Advertisements can be digital, as well as TV, newspaper and radio advertisements. You can observe that your turnover has increased in a short time thanks to the ads that promote your company and the e-commerce b2b system you are in.

Campaigns and Discounts

As in all areas of trade, you should not ignore the principle that profit is gained when buying the product, not selling it. Therefore, thanks to the price policy and discounts you will create, you can attract the attention of customers and dealers. Again, thanks to the campaigns you will create, it is possible to increase your product sales amount within the specified period in e-commerce b2b systems.

Building Good Relationships

Dealers and customers who buy your products prefer companies that are in constant communication with them, stand behind their products and do not hesitate to establish a dialogue. For this reason, you or your field team regularly visit your customers, provide information about the products or services they have purchased, collect feedback and make negotiations for new orders, which will ensure your brand to hold on and your sales to increase. However, when customers have problems, they want to see companies that deal with their problems. Thanks to the customer relations team you will create, try to resolve any negativities immediately.


You have to give your customers reasons to trust you. You should create a reliable brand image with the quality of the product you offer, the customer experience and other services you provide during and after the purchase. In this way, by becoming the preferred company, you can increase the number of your dealers day by day in e-commerce b2b systems, and increase your sales and therefore your earnings.


Analysis is to make various assumptions about the future in the light of the data obtained. In this context, the correct analysis you will make using the data obtained over time becomes the key to your success. There are various report mechanisms that you can use for analysis in e-commerce b2b systems.

SEO Work

Successful results of an e-commerce system, regardless of its type, are possible with the performance of the existing dealer network as well as the development of the chain and the participation of new companies in this chain. With advertising, it is of course possible to announce the name of the e-commerce b2b system and attract users, but with the right SEO work, you will have the opportunity to attract organic visitors to your website while saving on advertising budget.

If you examine the Trizbi e-commerce b2b system, you will see that it has all the modules and services you need to achieve success. When selling with an SEO compatible website, you will have the opportunity to manage the process flawlessly thanks to guest relations services. With reliable and stable payment infrastructures, you can conclude sensitive processes in the fastest way possible.