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20 November 2020
Dealer Management System
Feyza Uzun
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Dealer Management System

What is the Dealer Management System?

Dealer management system is a software used to manage the processes of producers or distributors with their business partners, dealers and other vendors. The dealer management system, which can vary according to the size of the company, the number of sales channels and the products it sells, is not much different from an e-commerce system in general terms. The most important feature that distinguishes the dealer management system from a standard e-commerce software is undoubtedly the working principle of b2b (business to business). In this system, no shopping is made with the consumer.

For Which Companies is the Dealer Management System Suitable?

With the development of technology, all companies that adopt the sales method through dealers, service providers and business partners can use the dealer management system. As the sales channel increased, the operation costs increased, causing the use of the dealer management system to become widespread. To give an example for clarity, a company that produces white goods can use this system to sell its devices to its dealers across the country. A company that has to manage this process without a dealer management system has to use the human factor more, and this situation brings with it material and moral losses.

Is the Dealer Management System Safe?

In the light of technological developments, the dealer management system, which aims for companies working in the B2B trade model to establish a corporate structure with dealers and other sales channels, and to realize fast and efficient process management, also provides high level security. It is designed and put into use by expert software developers taking all security measures. In an environment where sensitive processes such as payment are managed, SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which is used as much as the codes of the software, makes the data inaccessible by encrypting it with a special algorithm with the additional security layer it creates.

What are the Advantages of Using a Dealer Management System?

1. The company provides the opportunity to make secure transactions with a user name and password created separately for all business partners.
2. Every stage of the operation is controlled through the system.
3. Dealers can order the product they need in the quantity they want through the system and view the status of their orders on the system.
4. A current account and balance can be created for each user.
5. With secure payment methods, the process can be completed in a short time.
6. Processes such as production, payment, and transportation can be announced to the dealers by the company through the system.
7. Periodic campaigns can be created to increase sales.
8. Quick response can be achieved by communicating through the system.

Is it Difficult to Use a Dealer Management System?

Every software is designed in a certain logic. The size of the responsibilities expected from the software plays a key role in the structure of a software as much as the thinking and experiences of the software developer are. The Trizbi dealer management system offers an interface carefully designed by an experienced staff to maximize the user experience. One of the most important factors that make us stand out among our many competitors in the sector are correct planning, superiority of user experience, determination and our strong infrastructure. For this reason, it is really simple to use the interface and modules offered to you by the Trizbi dealer management system. In addition to this simplicity, you will be able to continue to manage your business for many years without any problems with the trainings given by our expert trainers.