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08 February 2021
Dealer Management Page
Barış Dur
| Blog
Dealer Management Page

What is the Dealer Management Page?

The dealer management page is an indispensable assistant in process management for companies selling through dealer and distribution networks. Thanks to the dealer management page technologies that allow the production, order and sales stages of products to be managed in a fully coordinated manner, companies can prevent disruptions and low performance by having complete process control.

Using the dealer management page in dealer and distribution network management has several advantages. Especially with the development and inclusion of technology in the process, a structure where human errors are minimized and that allows costs to be reduced. To explain the other advantages in general terms;

1. Flexibility

One of the biggest problems faced by businesses that used dealer management solutions in the past was undoubtedly the need to organize processes in accordance with the system due to the system's inelasticity. Today, in the light of the developments in software technologies, these strict rules can be easily stretched, thanks to the modular structure established, it is possible to design the processes not according to the software but the software according to the process.

2. Domination

The dealer management page, thanks to its strong infrastructure, has broadband connection and high server features, where every user registered in your dealership and distribution network can operate simultaneously. In this way, every transaction made is simultaneously reflected on the system, can be instantly viewed by the administrator and action can be taken according to the situation.

3. Freedom

When we examine the past examples, we see that the first examples of the dealer management page technology are the structures that work on the computer in the company headquarters and are partially or completely closed to access from outside the company building. Thanks to the cloud technology, in which today's developing internet, mobile and web technologies can work in integration, thanks to the applications installed on mobile phones, the dealer management page and even the software it is integrated with can be easily accessed. In such an easy-to-access environment, the end user can only observe the processes, intervene in case of need, and make plans about the future of the company in the additional time provided by the system.

4. Security

The dealer management page is a structure that needs high security. The occupation of a system where high volume orders and payments are made by third parties means that many annoying and legal problems such as the use of sensitive data by these people are dealt with. For this reason, technologies that have high security algorithms and secure both your dealers and you with various layers should be used. The dealer management page is protected by developing technology and security algorithms. All data is 100% safe with both the security provided by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) by the web and the firewalls added depending on the system's own dynamics.

5. Profitability

Imagine manual handling of communications, product promotions, orders and payments with other companies in your distribution network. Add additional costs such as employing additional personnel for all processes, communication and transportation, and additional costs caused by human errors to your costs. You must have immediately noticed that it had become unstoppable. The dealer management page acts as a bridge between your company and dealers and distributors, and by managing sensitive processes such as product promotion, communication, order and payment on a single screen, almost zero all the additional costs we mentioned. The reflection of this situation on your company's household as profitability also means that you can have additional resources for future investments.