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17 January 2021
B2B Site Opening Guide
Yunus Tıraş
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B2B Site Opening Guide

How to Open a B2B Site?

As a result of today's e-commerce habits, b2b customers also seek the user experience offered to b2c customers. For this reason, when you roll up your sleeves to set up a b2b site, you should keep in mind that the user experience is a game-changing factor. With this first suggestion, we will try to explain what you need to do to set up a b2b site later in the article.

B2B with Statistics

1.89% of B2B buyers spend time on the Internet to find the products they need,
2. 73% of B2B buyers are looking for new products and brands for their businesses,
3.Most 76% of B2B buyers say site design is the most important factor in their purchasing decision,
4. Only 5% of B2B buyers' decisions are affected by social media,
5. The average buyer conversion rate, which is 3% for B2C, is 10% for B2B.

1 - Integrating Technology into Your Business

It is important that you integrate technology into your business model at the beginning of the process so that everyone can work with the goal of achieving the common goal. Thanks to the development of technology, much more efficient processes are managed at lower costs.

2- Determine Your Requirements

When setting up a B2B site, identify all the requirements to manage your business model and operation. Being planned in this long journey and keeping it in an accessible area by determining the requirements will help you get very valuable results and achieve success more quickly.

3- Legal Legislations

Do not forget to review the legal regulations set by our government for e-commerce platforms. Because, being aware of the structure you need to create, the rules you need to comply with and the legal responsibilities you have to follow while establishing and after establishing a B2B site will greatly reduce your risk of facing annoying penalties.

4- Right Infrastructure Choice

By doing a short search, you can find many companies and software that offer the infrastructure you need to set up a b2b site. However, by finding the right software, put forward by a team of experts, you avoid a lot of burden. Software that uses technology correctly can offer you all the infrastructure you need while setting up a b2b site and afterwards. Otherwise, you will have to fill every gap that you cannot fill with technology with human power. And wherever there are people, the risk factor is higher.

5 - SEO

Nowadays, all websites need to be prepared in accordance with search engines and receive various additional services in order to be in the top position in the ranking. When setting up a B2B site, it is useful to work with a software developer who takes SEO seriously. Because we should state that the future of b2b sites that are given low scores by search engines is not very bright. Remember that your site's place in the ranking is determined based on speed, code structure, content and many other criteria.

Building a B2B Site with Trizbi

Would you like to establish a powerful software that takes almost all the issues mentioned above into consideration and a b2b site that works integrated with that software? We are talking about a structure that can solve all your needs from a single source instead of dealing with too many details after fulfilling the legal requirements.
It is natural that a company dealing with B2B e-commerce has many units in its organizational chart. It is possible to find various software that can be used by each unit in process management. By establishing a b2b site with Trizbi, you will have an integrated structure where all units of your company can access and manage their processes. Thanks to this structure, interdepartmental communication and process management becomes easier and faster. You can save on this expense with a single license fee without having to deal with separate license fees for each department. The rest will take care of Trizbi for you ...