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03 December 2020
B2B Program
Feyza Uzun
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B2B Program

What is B2B Program?

B2B program is the name given to various software that includes the modules and services needed by companies working in the intercompany e-commerce model while managing the e-commerce eco-system, and that allows semi-automation or full automation process management.

What are the Advantages of Using B2B Program?

1. B2B program controls the system 24 hours a day, keeping new orders, payments, applications and similar transactions under control.

2. Provides a faster and smoother experience in the management of processes.

3. Unlike businesses that do not use the B2B Program, it allows to minimize possible errors by using less human factor.

4. It easily and effortlessly tracks various values ​​that are difficult to follow manually and informs you whenever you wish.

5. When it works integrated with your website, it can be included in the process by offering you many important modules from stock tracking to finance.

6. Provides real-time tracking and processing power between the units that make up your company.

7. Allows you to maintain all administrative functions from a single screen.

8. It significantly reduces costs in the medium and long term.

9. Thanks to its real-time interaction power, it enables the procurement, purchasing, sales and marketing processes to progress faster.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a B2B Program?

Advanced Structure

B2B e-commerce platforms are an eco-system that lives 24 hours a day. The B2B program, which is responsible for the operation and management of the system, should offer an easy-to-understand and easy-to-work interface that is free from confusion while providing an advanced structure.

Powerful and Flexible Modules

Normally, when we think of B2B Program, we think of a software that is completely focused on this business, which is used to manage the b2b e-commerce model. In today's reality, the situation is much more than that. In a period where license fees have increased so much, it is an indisputable fact that companies will pay a tiny fortune if they purchase the software support they need separately for each unit. As such, you are right to choose the software with the widest scope. A B2B program that all units of your company can use simultaneously and that you can purchase by paying a single license fee will minimize both your costs and problems in process management.

Cross Platform Support and Accessibility

B2B program should be accessible no matter what system the user is on. If the b2b program, which is supported by one of the most important technologies of our age, such as cloud technology, is preferred, you will be able to access the system from anywhere.

Security and Stability

In an environment where intercompany trade continues non-stop for 24 hours, security and stability should always be at the forefront. The confidentiality of corporate data, the correct management of sensitive processes such as payment and the uninterrupted continuity of transactions must be extremely secure with the help of the security layers offered by the B2B program and extremely stable thanks to the superior technological infrastructure.

Multi-User Support and Customizable Management Panel

B2B program should allow all users to operate simultaneously, regardless of the size of the dealer network you create. However, each dealer should be able to define different downstream users to carry out the transactions. You should choose a B2B program that can manage all this structure correctly and make sure that it can carry the burdens that may occur. Personal management panel for each dealer should be created automatically by the program. It should also be able to define possible changes in your price or sales policy among dealers by customizing it to the user.

The Trizbi b2b program has features that will alleviate all your responsibilities with its powerful modules and services. Thanks to its advanced yet clear interface, powerful and flexible modules, ease of access, stable structure and advanced customization options, it can meet every purpose and need. You can get more detailed information about Trizbi from our website.