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01 March 2021
B2B Order System
Barış Dur
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B2B Order System

What is B2B Order System?

B2B Order system is one of the most important and critical parts of b2b e-commerce processes. It requires the execution of many processes such as the complete and error-free registration of the product or service requested by the dealer and the seller in the system, receiving payment or deducting the relevant product or service from the stock at the end of the current registration and process. Turkey's first and only B2B e-commerce with ERP software Trizb B2B ordering system and it offers along side the service excels with compact working with this system. So what are the possibilities of Trizbi b2b order system? Now let's take a closer look at the facilities offered by the Trizbi b2b ordering system ...

What B2B Ordering System Offers

Headquarters and Dealer Sales Entries

In the B2b order system, dealers can create order records and make payments for the products and services they need, and it is possible to carry out the process by the sales representatives on the seller side and create the relevant order. For example, a customer representative during a dealer visit can create an order on behalf of the relevant dealer as a result of his meeting.

Compatible with All Devices

The Trizbi b2b ordering system is designed to allow easy entry of orders from all devices. Thanks to the responsive interface designed, the system automatically detects the screen size of the visitor and is shaped accordingly and gives the user the ability to enter orders for 24 hours.

Superior User Experience

The Trizbi B2B order system has many modules that stand out with special filters and easy ordering functions. In this context, it is ensured that a product examined on the website is converted into an order with a single click and the orders are easily followed on a single page.

Payment Systems Integration

Undoubtedly, the payment module comes first among the modules that are indispensable for a b2b ordering system. Thanks to the virtual pos software that works in integration with Trizbi, you can start receiving payments once the information provided by your contracted bank is entered into the system.

Easy Stock Tracking and Campaigns

The system is designed to avoid confusion by updating the inventory records whenever an order is created. In this way, you can follow the current status of stocks at any time, and receive alerts about products that are running low in stocks with the personal alarms you create. In addition, the campaigns registered in the system are automatically applied to the orders and the dealers are prevented from missing the discounts and campaigns they can benefit from.

Reporting and Panel Infrastructure

Reports offered in e-commerce allow you to plan on many issues. Offering a detailed reporting module on this subject, Trizbi reports all transactions carried out on the b2b order system in detail and presents it to your use. If you wish, you have the opportunity to easily share the reports you have created with your dealers.

Order Confirmation System

Orders from dealers can be easily kept under control thanks to the order confirmation system specially designed for the business. It is ensured that current accounts belonging to dealers that are attached to DBS (Direct Debit System) and who work in eft / money order or open accounts are controlled.

Customizable Interfaces and Business Rules

While the Trizbi b2b order system offers different interface options specific to the business thanks to its specially developed theme system, it also allows the business rules to be arranged according to the internal principles of the enterprise thanks to the flexible structure it offers.


Based on the fact that the order processes are mostly carried out by employees authorized by the dealer, a special authorization module has been developed. Thanks to this module, each user can access the pages and products that he / she is allowed to, with the details presented to them. The biggest advantage of this module is that it provides both dealer data and process security completely.