The Order Management You Need is Easier with the Orders Application

With the Orders application, streamline your order management process, allowing for quicker and more consistent order processing. Enhance your operational efficiency by structuring your orders systematically.

Explore a Wide Range of Integration Options

Benefit from bidirectional order integrations.

ERP Integration

ERP Integration

Integrate your orders with the other software you use.

XML Integration

XML Integration

Import and export products using XML.

Cargo Integration

Cargo Integration

Create and track your cargo movements.

Discover Ready made All-in-One Solution for Your Company.

What Can You Do with the Orders Module?

Increase your operational power by managing your order processes on a single screen. Develop the right strategies by using Statistics and Analysis.

  • Access Total Orders of Customers/Business Partners

    Access the number of orders and total amounts of customers and business partners. Strengthen your relationships.

  • Track Your Open, Closed and Canceled Orders

    Easily access information about all your open, closed, and canceled orders, customers/business partners, and payments made for the orders. Keep track of the order status for your open orders.

  • Advanced Filtering Features

    List your orders by taking advantage of advanced filtering features.

Access Total Orders of Customers/Business Partners

Benefit from Analytics

Monitor your order analysis in real-time.

Sipariş Yönetimi - Genel Bakış - Görselli Liste
Product Analysis

Product Analysis

With product analysis, determine the number of orders you've received for each product on a date basis.

Sales Representative Analysis

Sales Representative Analysis

Easily access the total number of orders and the total order amount for sales representatives.

Order Source Statistics

Order Source Statistics

Access the total order quantity and amount according to your order sources. Easily determine your marketing strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I list my business partner's orders by product?

    You can make listings based on business partners and products by using the filter in the order list.

  • Can I make changes to order stage definitions?

    You can define order phases as you wish according to your operational processes.

  • Can I get a branch-based order report?

    You can get order reports for your branches from the Branch Statistics menu.