Cargo at B2B Companies on Special Days

Cargo at B2B Companies on Special Days

Shipping in B2B is different from other types of e-commerce. The reason for this is that customers are also companies and both their sales and production run parallel to the timely delivery of the products they ordered.

Cargo at B2B Companies on Special Days

Shipping in B2B is different from other types of e-commerce. The reason for this is that customers are also companies and both their sales and production run parallel to the timely delivery of the products they ordered. For example, in the event that an intermediate product ordered from the b2b e-commerce platform cannot be delivered on time, it is inevitable that there will be disruptions in production and that the next orders will be supplied from different companies. In this context, cargo solutions in b2b and well-designed b2b cargo integration gain importance as well as having sufficient stocks of the product offered for sale.

What B2B Companies Should Do About Cargo for Special Days

We have explained the importance of cargo operation in B2b in a single sentence above. Cargo operation is a logistic service that has problems from time to time as it is a complex process on its own. When the campaigns of large e-commerce companies, public and religious holidays and other special days are involved, a great burden is placed on this confusion and the size of the operation grows. For this reason, b2b companies that expect timely and complete delivery want to shop from companies that also have definite solutions for cargo in b2b. An action plan covering special days should be made in the management of the B2B platform, agreements should be made with the cargo companies in accordance with this action plan and additional measures should be taken.

Check Your Stock Status

At the point of supplying the product, which is the first step of the cargo process in B2B, the biggest responsibility of the b2b companies is undoubtedly to keep the product in stock in sufficient numbers. When a product is ordered that is not currently available in your warehouse, you must also manage the procurement process of the product within the process you promised to the customer. When you consider both the production or purchasing process and the time required for the product to reach you, the cargo process in b2b will be interrupted and disrupted. You can experience great comfort by constantly checking your stocks or by transferring this work to a software such as Trizbi through automation software.

Create a Layout in the Warehouse

In B2B, a regular warehouse, like cargo, is one of the requirements for the logistics process to run smoothly. B2B companies keep products ready for sale in their own stocks. In addition to the problems that may arise in product supply or production, it is essential to keep the warehouse areas in a certain order so that the densities that may occur due to the reasons we have mentioned before do not adversely affect the process. A regular warehouse layout ensures:

- The products are easily found and made ready for the shipping process,

- To prevent densities to be experienced during the cargo process.

Take advantage of the Express Shipping Option

In B2B, fast shipping agreements can be made with cargo companies to prevent cargo density and disruptions. With this agreement, an agreement is made upon the delivery of the products ready for cargo to the destination address within 1-3 working days. Considering the importance of speed for B2B companies, companies that offer this type of additional services are preferred in product or company selection.

Agree with Alternative Cargo Companies

Each cargo company provides services by separating the logistics facilities it has according to the regions. For example, while cargo logistics opportunities are higher in an area where production is intense, you will see poorer service in areas where settlement is abundant. You should take care to manage the b2b cargo process with an alternative cargo preference in order to prevent any disruptions that may occur in proportion to the period and the strength of the company.

Communicate with Customers

Other companies that shop from B2B companies are scrupulous about getting their products on time. For this reason, it is an important mechanism to strengthen the communication channels between companies and to establish communication both to gather feedback and to inform the customer about the problems by establishing a dialogue with them. This both takes the customer experience to the next level for the purchasing company and increases the trust in your company.

Use Technology

B2b companies should ensure that their customers can also monitor the cargo process they carry out in a transparent manner. To set up this mechanism, b2b cargo integration is a solution that should not be neglected. With B2B cargo integration, many steps such as cargo delivery, transportation process and delivery can be followed by both the b2b company and the company purchasing the product, regardless of time and place. Trizbi software is also a very comprehensive solution that offers cargo integration service to its customers.


Storytelling in the B2B Industry

Storytelling in the B2B industry is a new method that has recently been included in our lives in the field of marketing. The subject discussed in this method is to explain a subject that will make associations with the product rather than the product, by an expert on the screen. In the e-commerce sector, where competition is increasing day by day, completely product-oriented approaches no longer function.

Selling Abroad with B2B

Selling abroad with B2B is a factor that increases sales figures and profitability for almost all e-commerce companies. Compared to the domestic market, it is also possible to offer the products to the buyers at much better prices due to the exchange rate difference.

TikTok in the B2B Industry

The use of TikTok in the B2B industry is an important step for B2B companies to develop content marketing tactics that are freer, simpler and more compatible with the emotions of the target audience. Although it seems to be behind other social media platforms, the common opinion of the experts; its potential is much greater.

Cookie Policy in B2B

Before examining the cookie policy in B2B, it is necessary to answer the question of what is a cookie. Cookies are small texts sent to the browser by the website visited. In the content of these texts, besides the information that will help the system to recognize the visitor on his next visit, there may also be data required to increase the user experience.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) means increasing the likelihood that a user will complete a seller-set goal on a B2B website. This could be buying a product, requesting a quote or something similar and is vital to converting the visitor into a potential b2b customer.

Sitemap Creation in B2B

Sitemap Creation in B2B is the most important step for B2B sites to be indexed and ranked. Sitemaps prepared in XML (Extensible Markup Language) format are interpreted by the search engine algorithm and provide data that should or should not be included in the ranking.

How should the “About Us” Page be Prepared?

The first page where an e-commerce company can express itself to its customers is undoubtedly the about us page. A user visiting your website for the first time may want to have an idea about your company before they start shopping on your website.

What is a Distance Selling Contract?

E-commerce, by its nature, provides an environment that allows shopping without the need for buyers and sellers to come together. For this reason, legal arrangements have been made in order to protect the interests of both the buyer and the seller, and the necessity of a distance sales contract has emerged.

Campaigns That B2B Companies Can Benefit From

As competition increases in e-commerce, companies need to develop new strategies and stand out by encouraging potential customers to shop in the light of these strategies. This situation usually develops when b2b companies organize various campaigns and create an element of preference for their potential customers.

Suggestions to Strengthen the B2B System

Every day, new companies are included in the b2b ecosystem. The purpose of all of them is clear; to be at the top of the market. So what steps should be taken in identifying and implementing appropriate strategies to achieve this? For companies that want to dominate the market or at least have a say in intercompany trade (B2B), we have tried to summarize the issue in six items.

Instagram in B2B

Instagram, where photos and videos were shared by users without a specific purpose in the past, continues its development with many innovations that allow brands to promote and acquire customers in the process.

B2B Software

B2B software is the program that provides the infrastructure needed to manage all processes in the b2b system established for e-commerce from company to company. Today, in an environment where technology is in every pocket, b2b software and integrated b2b system should be easily viewed on phones, tablets and computers and should not lose their functionality.

B2B on Social Media

In social media, it is possible to talk about many different strategies that b2b companies should implement in order to acquire new customers. Even though your target audience is companies, since inter-company trade is carried out, the fact that the products you produce are liked and demanded by the consumer is the main reason that will motivate other companies.

B2B LinkedIn Strategy

Today, when we think of social media platforms, we think of websites where people meet each other, express their opinions about a subject or find old acquaintances, and we are right. One of the social media platforms, on the other hand, has a more limited audience but great power, serving a completely different purpose and bringing business life together.

Marketing Strategies for B2B

Marketing Strategies for B2B are systematic processes that set out how to achieve goals and allocate needed resources along the way, and guide team members in achieving goals