Payment Methods and E-collection

Receive Your Payments Securely Online Via Your Website

Easily add options for your dealers to make payments, whether during the order or as account settlements, in amounts they prefer. Additionally, send payment links to your dealers for specified amounts through the E-Collection application.

Discover Ready-made All-in-One Solution for Your Company.

Enable your dealers to benefit from different payment methods

Offer your dealers different payment methods at the end of the order. Reflect discount or interest according to payment methods. Highlight your chosen payment method.

  • Havale/EFT

    Apply a discount to the order amount for payment via a bank transfer method.

  • Credit card

    In credit card payments, either absorb or pass on the installment interest. Allow interest-free shopping up to specific installment rates.

  • Current

    Enable your dealers to make purchases without making payments, on account of the current account. Expand your trading volume.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Which Banks Do You Have Virtual POS Integration With?

    Virtual POS integration is carried out with all banks that provide infrastructure.

  • Can You Integrate with Payment Institutions?

    If the payment institution provides this opportunity, the integration is carried out.

  • Can We Determine Maturity Difference Rates Ourselves?

    You can have it come automatically through the integration, or you can define it yourself if you wish.