Shipment and Return Orders

The shipment management you need is very easy with the Shipment application.

Take control of your shipments with the shipping application. Monitor your shipment orders by defining stages and perform bulk transactions with picking orders. Minimize risks in your shipping planning.

Shipment Orders

Organize your shipping orders by stages, create bulk picking orders from these shipping orders, and handle delivery notes and invoicing processes efficiently on a single screen.

Shipment Orders

Delivery notes

Track your delivery notes according to delivery note and shipping dates from the Delivery Notes menu. Benefit from filtering by delivery method and courier selections.

Delivery notes

Automatic Phase Changes

With advanced settings, either close the shipment order with all collected items or specify the stages to which you will transfer the shipment orders with all collected items or partially collected items, and the stage changes will be executed automatically.

Automatic Phase Changes

Easily Manage Your Return Orders, Keep All Your Records in One Place

Record your incoming and outgoing orders with the Returns Orders application. Filter and list your returns based on the return reason, product, and business partner. Easily track payment statuses from the list

  • Incoming Returns

    Easily manage your return orders by creating them from your order records without breaking the original order link.

  • Outgoing Returns

    Keep a record of your orders for the products you will return.

  • Advanced Filtering

    Utilize the filtering feature to list your return orders based on criteria such as return reason, payment status, product, product group & category, and customer. Also save this list as an Excel file.

Incoming Returns
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I diversify the return reasons?

    You can define as many return reasons as you want from the return reasons menu.

  • Can I see my product-based return orders?

    You can access your product-based return order list without filtering.

  • Can I define stages for my return orders?

    You can define phases by using the phase feature.