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24 March 2021
What is B2B Integration? Why Is It Important?
Feyza Uzun
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What is B2B Integration? Why Is It Important?

What is B2B Integration?

B2B integration is the automation of all business, process management and communication between manufacturers, distributors, dealers and other vendors doing business in the b2b e-commerce model. With the automated system, the parties are enabled to improve their trade and increase efficiency thanks to a more effective mechanism. B2B integration also provides easier management of companies in this large ecosystem, thanks to the adaptation of information to the digital environment.

What is B2B Integration Platform?

B2B integration platform organizes the data produced by the source application in accordance with the standards and transmits the data it has edited to your business partner with the appropriate method. B2B integration software can be run on a local computer, as well as on cloud technology, with today's developing technology and increasing internet quality. B2b integration software working on cloud technology offers a more flexible and accessible structure to the institutions.

Why is B2B Integration Important?

It is a fact that the data transmission and processing procedures of companies that do not have b2b integration are far from sustainable in today's world where information is digitalized and every model of commerce has reached a tremendous speed. In today's conditions, an environment where data is manually transmitted and processed will have no other benefits than damages to companies.

What are the Basic Capabilities of B2B Integration?

Communication Adapters

It supports security-rich Internet communication protocols such as AS2, SFTP, MQ, HTTP, Connect: Direct.

Application Integration

As well as cloud object storage with AWS S3 Client, databases include adapters for connectivity to backend systems including SAP.

Translation Engine

It has the ability to convert documents of any file type to any type you want.

Matching Software

It allows to visually view data and see relationships between documents.

Message Tracking and Reporting

It allows you to share real-time event and status information with your system administrators and partners through the control mechanisms in the management panel.


Encrypt data at rest or in motion thanks to strong certificate management that includes modern password and algorithm support.

Data Validation

Applies business rules, which include graphical business process modeling, to the information sent to detect errors.


Allows faster sending of large files. Features include file and message transfer of all sizes.

A Real Example of B2B Integration

A white goods retailer operating in Istanbul wants to order a refrigerator. The company records its order in the system via the b2b software it uses. The order is converted to the appropriate format by the system and sends it to the supplier in Manisa via the relevant protocols. The interface used by the supplier interprets this order and warns the system administrator. Then, with the work order transferred to the relevant unit by the system administrator, the processes required for the finalization of the order are initiated and again sent as a notification to the company requesting purchase through the system.

Trizbi B2B Software and B2B Integration

Let's get you in Turkey's first and only B2B e-commerce with the ERP software Trizb. Trizbi, which allows suppliers and vendors who do business in the B2B e-commerce business model to easily gather under one roof and benefit from the technological infrastructure in the sale of related products and services, has the ability to automatically benefit many transactions for you with its integrated structure. Thanks to Trizbi, which fully supports the integration technology you need and offers it to your service, it provides ordering, taking orders, strengthening the communication network between the manufacturer and the seller, easy product, easy dealer and accounting management. If all this information we have mentioned is difficult for you to understand, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can easily contact us by clicking the messaging button on the bottom right corner of the page.