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26 October 2020
B2B Software
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B2B Software

What is B2B Software?

As a manufacturer or wholesaler, you can do business-to-business e-commerce with your dealers. B2B software is the software that offers all the tools you need while managing the b2b commerce concept such as marketing, sales and accounting.

While B2B software can be used in basic functions in operation management, it can also perform supportive tasks outside of operations when it is enriched with various auxiliary tools and modules specially designed for B2B. B2B business model is difficult to manage due to high volume of sales and expanding operations. At this point, choosing the right B2B software will allow you to fulfill your responsibilities faster and at lower cost and focus on success. So, what should you pay attention to when choosing B2B software? Let's look for an answer to this question together ...

Archıtecture of the B2B Sofware

B2B business model is a complex structure in which many processes must be carried out together. For this reason, it is important to choose software that is designed only for the B2B business model instead of solving the problem by using different software focused on different processes. The software that claims to sell B2B software but only allows you to manage a certain part of the operation causes you not to respond to your needs and turn to different software as the size of the operation grows. This situation triggers a series of situations that can both harm your management activities and cause new license fees that will lead to extra costs for the company.

Advanced Interface

B2B software should have an advanced interface that provides ease of use to its user. You should be able to perform the operations you want to do quickly and smoothly, thanks to a stable and fast interface which is designed to avoid confusion and is easy to learn and apply.

Cross Platform and Mobility

Today, the era of software running on a single platform is almost over. You do not want to be stuck with the platform limitations in the management of a dynamic structure like B2B. B2B software should be accessible from your office computer or mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. This will give you a great opportunity of freedom. When your personnel in the field perform any action, this should be visible from all platforms and all users connected to the system, and the changes should be reflected in the system immediately.

Meet with Trizbi B2B Software

Trizbi is a B2B software designed specifically for B2B operations, powered by the latest technologies and perfected with additional services. It is a complete solution that provides services in many different areas thanks to the additional services it offers, while allowing you to perform all the operations you need in the B2B business model from a single screen with its modules in its architecture.

Trizbi offers great services to manage E-Collection, E-Commerce and Field operations needed in the B2B business model. With the integrated structure of the system, all transactions made by users can be viewed simultaneously by authorized accounts, and intervened when necessary. While doing its part as B2B software, it also adds strength to your power with its additional services.

If you are dealing with e-commerce, you first need a website or mobile application. The Trizbi B2B software also offers a fully integrated website service. It offers special pricing, campaign and information posters and e-collection services to your dealers through your website, which can be viewed seamlessly on all device types.

You can manage your company's accounting, customer relations (CRM), human resources departments with Trizbi B2B software. Modules specially designed for each unit provide easy-to-use and a stable service. You can manage your b2b operations and perform other work of your company from a single screen thanks to the software architecture that has been put into consideration with all the needs of the end user.

Thanks to Apple and Android applications that work integrated with Trizbi B2B software, you will have the opportunity to manage the entire operation independently from your location. The difficulty of spending long hours in the office and managing all processes is now history! Leave the hard work to Trizbi B2B software while you work to improve your business ...