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26 October 2020
B2B Ecommerce
Barış Dur
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B2B Ecommerce

What is B2B E-commerce? What Are The Differences From Classic E-commerce?

B2B e-commerce is all activities that enable companies to shop with each other through websites or applications. The biggest difference between B2B e-commerce and known e-commerce is that the end user is not included in this e-commerce model. The products or services sold can be raw materials, intermediate goods, or ready to consume goods.

In an environment where consumption and consumer habits are changing and developing, the fast functioning of the supply chain has become one of the most important requirements as well as the presentation of the products to the consumer. A supply chain of activities where sellers buy the product by seeing the product at the point where the manufacturer is located, use of manual payment methods for the product that has been purchased, and the managemnet of important processes such as logistics could not be expected to comply with today's developing trade dynamics.

At this point, we call the emerging model B2B e-commerce in order to provide a more advantageous shopping experience for the consumer, to ensure that the purchased product or service is brought together with the consumer more quickly, and to make the product supply process of the seller more efficient. In the B2B e-commerce system, the manufacturer offers the products or services recorded on the website or mobile infrastucture to the liking of the sellers, the seller selects the product or service to be sold from the list offered to him, and the products are delivered to him by the seller in various ways. Moreover, this process can be done at the sellers own comfort where they sit.

B2B e-commerce is a structure where many processes are carried out together. In addititon to products and services management, order management, collection management and logistic managemnt there are background management functions such as accounting, customer relations and call center services as part of the process. The main key to success in this context will be not to neglect technology support while managing this process. 


With all the features and additional services we mentioned above, Trizbi is a key software for b2b e-commerce developed specifically for b2b. Whether you are a manufacturer and sell to your dealers, or you are a platform where manufacturers and sellers come together, you will have many advantages and freedom in b2b e-commerce management with the assistance of Trizbi.


Trizbi offers an integrated b2b e-commerce website service. The website is the heart of the b2b e-commerce ecosystem. The software team that is aware of this has developed an original, stylish and 100% compatible websites with various themes. Your dealers can access their private management panel on your website with their access passwords and perform basic operations such as detailed product review and purchase, respond to your offers and also communicate with you.


B2B management has never been easier! Thanks to the basic functions of B2B e-commerce, e-commerce, e-collection, field sales, product and order management, and modules filled with various tools to increase your sales.


Like every company, b2b e-commerce companies financial records are very important. Thanks to financial tools you can easily take control of the balance of your income and expenses, current, cash, bank records, e-invoice, keep your finance diary and prepare various reports which will keep your marketing stagegies and investments under control.


As in every e-commerce model, the most important factor for B2B e-commerce is the human being. Your customers are the main factor shaping your future and the strength of the bonds you will establish with them is the biggest investment you will make in the future. In this context, Trizbi b2b e-commerce system has a module specially prepared for customer relations. Many tools such as dealers, dealer applications, visits and contact records, mass mail or sms sending, lists and surveys make a significant contribution to your business development by allowing you to interact with your customers.


You definitely need teammates to manage your company and b2b e-commerce system. When done without software support, troublesome tasks such as creating a personal file for every individual in your team, keeping the information completely supplied, and tracking personal leave, health report, advance and salary payments and legal rights are now very simple. The Trizbi b2b e-commerce solution has been specially designed to enable you to easily manage and monitor all these processes and prevent legal problems in the future with the human resources module it contains.